Moved by Their Daily Struggles, an Afghan Asylum Seeker Wants to Teach English to Others in Direct Provision Centres

Asylum seekers with good English like him should be tapped as a valuable resource, he says, and used to teach the language, giving others a route out of isolation and a chance to contribute more to Ireland. Ahmadzai has googled ways to offer his help. But hasn’t come up with much yet to explain how asylum seekers can set up classes for others in direct provision centres. Beyond finding roles for himself, Ahmadzai imagines a wider solution – an organisation tasked with connecting up all the peo

With Direct Provision Centres Overstretched, the Government Should Do More to Support Those Who Want to Move Out, Some Say

And she couldn’t use free medical care when she got sick, she says. Because she wasn’t living within the direct provision system, she had no access to a medical card, so doctors charged her private fees, she says. In a section ironing out details of a new model for housing asylum-seekers, it says that those who find their own accommodation should have equal access to the weekly allowance, just like those reliant on the government for housing. Mbasa, the woman who left direct provision in June

For Some Chinese Immigrants, Mandarin Nicknames for Dublin Streets Still Bring Comfort and Familiarity

Not everybody around here uses them. “Never heard of it. Sorry,” said a young boy the following Saturday, shaking his head as he stocked the refrigerated display at the Wok Station fast-food restaurant. But for Yu, who moved to Ireland 20 years ago, these nicknames are still alive, lending intimacy and nostalgia to a city he lived in for five of those years. “It makes us comfortable,” he says. When Yu lived in Dublin from 2002 to 2007, he used to buy meat from a butcher’s on Meath Street. Afte

When Announcing a New Restrictive Migration Policy in July, the Department of Justice Used Inaccurate Figures

The press release, which is still up with the incorrect figure, announced how the government in Ireland was suspending visa-free travel to Ireland for refugees, citing the need “to protect the integrity of the immigration and International Protections systems”. Some refugees, already granted status in other European member states, were reapplying for asylum here in Ireland, the press release said. (There are many reasons why refugees may do this.) In the July statement, the Department of Justi

As Dublin Has Changed, so Have the People Attending One Inner-City Church

On a recent Wednesday, Marie Vedwing-Luc, one of the Church of Ireland’s former parishioners campaigning to win back access to the church, who’d just picked up her son and daughter from school on her way back from work, ambled down Francis Street. That went on for years, said Fr Kunnumpurathu, the Indian Orthodox priest, who says they have been holding Mass there for the past 15 years. “The Church of Ireland worship was in the morning; we were at 1pm.” Meanwhile the idea of a hub for people fr

Frustrated, Immigrant Graduates Cast Around for Clarity on Immigration Rules

Prathapan is now grappling with more life-changing uncertainty because of that stamp. He is unsure whether his time on it counts towards the years in the country he must have to apply for citizenship – as its replacement, the Stamp 1G, does. Prathapan says that many of his friends went for any job that got them a work permit and the right to stay, even if they felt unfulfilled or unhappy. “We can’t choose what we want to do.” For Prathapan, being able to count that one year on his graduate Sta

After Coming Here Without His Parents Looking for Safety, a Migrant Child Is Left to Live Alone Among Adults

“There may however be persons not deemed eligible and still self-declaring as minors who are reside [sic] in IPAS accommodation who are appealing the outcome of their eligibility assessments,” they said. They didn’t say how many of these cases there are. Then he got a letter, he says. In it, he says, a Tusla official said that there’s no proof he’s a child because he’d travelled without his birth certificate or any other ID showing his date of birth. Ncube says he doesn’t really mind living wi
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